SESH x Dabcrate

SESH x Dabcrate is an interactive consumption experience,

featuring the best consumption technology from Dabcrate Distribution.

We’ll see you at the SESH x Dabcrate

Experience some of the most advanced cannabis consumption technology and learn alongside our Dabcrate Consumption Professionals.

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“Kyle has knocked it out of the park with the SESH x Dabcrate at each event we have hosted together. Guests love interacting with him and asking questions about his advanced technology and how these devices help them get the most out of their cannabis.

I’m ecstaic to continue working with Dabcrate on future events, it gives me a huge peice of mind while organizing these events that I can rely on an amazing event with the SESH x Dabcrate.”

Mary Jane

Founder, Coffee and Cannabis

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Technology at the SESH

Loto Labs

East Coasters

Tochi Torch


Moose Labs

Mystic Timber

Honey Labs

Magical Unicorn Tips


Divider Pro

Green Goddess Supply

The Gravity Key