Dabcrate Distribution

Dabcrate offers custom branded gear for your business,

and a curated catalog of the best consumption technology.

About Dabcrate Distribution

Dabcrate is a cannabis technology distributor founded in 2018 and currently headquartered in Worcester, MA. We specialize in the discovery, distribution, and marketing of innovative consumption technologies.

The Dabcrate Catalog features over 100 products from 35+ manufacturer brands from across North America. Offering solutions for every consumer, we feature technology for flower consumption, concentrate vaporization, CBD ingestion, equipment maintenance, and lifestyle accessories.

Contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge consumption technology catalog and find out how Dabcrate can help your team deliver an amazing cannabis retail experience.

Dabcrate is different. We’ll work alongside your sales and marketing team in your retail locations to understand your consumer demographics and make relevant consumption technology recommendations.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to today’s cannabis consumers, and the consumption market will continue to fragment as millions of new consumers are reintroduced to cannabis through legalization.

Let our Consumption Experts support your in-store training and educate your retail team on the new cannabis technology additions at your location. We voraciously promote asking open-ended questions, and letting our consumers direct the conversation, only making a technology suggestion if it’s relevant in the moment.

We create amazing consumer relationships that drive sales into the future. What can your cannabis retail store accomplish with Dabcrate?

Business Marketing Technology

Enlighten Technologies

Enlighten provides marketing technology to dispensaries and cannabis retail locations with a suite of engaging digital displays, content networks, and comprehensive analytics products.

Smart Menus – POS-Integrated Menus

Enlighten TV – Dispensary TV Network

TrafficWise – Customer Engagement Analytics

Social Wall – Customer Interaction Marketing

Direct Connect – Customer Retention Program

Showcase – Retail Education Kiosks

Breakroom TV – Employee Education


Custom 420 Supply

Custom 420 Supply offers low minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) of a wide range of cannabis packaging and display products. The perfect resource for a dispensary or micro-business’ marijuana packaging needs. Featuring an intuitive online brand editor, you can design your entire packaging experience from your computer. The experts at Custom 420 Supply are always available to assist you as well!

Cannabis Packaging

Dispensary Supplies

Cannabis Labels

Business Branding

Greenhive Signage

Greenhive provides beautiful custom-printed signage for brands, manufacturers, growers, extractors, & retail stores that attract and educate customers about your company’s products.

Custom Printed Canopy Tent

Custom Printed Backdrop & Stand

Custom Printed Full Color Table Cover

Full Color Retractable Fabric Sign

 14′ Custom Printed Feather Flag