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Cannabiz Networking empowers cannabis businesses.

  • Meet and network with 100’s of other founders on LinkedIn.
  • Get involved and attend a marijuana business networking event.
  • Start your career in Massachusetts and attend a cannabis job fair.

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Meet 100’s of cannabis founders just like you!

You’ll meet local MA marijuana businesses and cannabis pioneers from across the nation.

Why Dabcrate?

Need a budtender with experience catering hundreds of guests monthly at the best cannabis consumption events. Whether it’s an exquisite culinary pairing, art class, or private industry event; the SESH is the heart of conscious consumption.

Our Consumption Professionals are known for their friendly, engaging, no-nonsense approach to consumer education and budtender training. We can’t wait to create an amazing event with you.

Live mindfully, consume consciously.

Budtender for MA Events

Regardless of your cannabis knowledge or experience level, the SESH is a safe place to learn with our friendly budtenders.

Everyone loves interacting at the SESH! Choose the Budtender for hire that will be perfect for your event.

From seasoned consumers to the canna-curious, our Consumption Professionals take the time to answer your questions and explain the technology.

Creating an education friendly consumption environment is how we help you live mindfully and consume consciously.

Google Review

“The best apparatus at your next cannabis event, you MUST check out Dabcrate. You will experience all kinds of amazing technology that creates different outcomes! Try before you buy any expensive rigs, tools, etc. so you know exactly what will work for you. Dabcrate is one-stop education, experience, and shopping.


Google Review

“Dabcrate events are extremely worth your time. They are great for education and networking. As both a cannabis industry worker, and a consumer, I highly recommend attending the events. You’ll be glad you did!”


Google Review

“Kyle of Dabcrate puts on amazing events that bring the community together. Nothing but good things to say. Definitely recommend you check these events out, it’s worth it!


Google Review

“There is no better way to learn about consumption technology than this. Dabcrate is essential for a premium experience at any event! Beginners to experienced, it doesnt matter.


Google Review

“Dabcrate events are some of the greatest cannabis experiences in Massachusetts! Make some new friends! You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it!!


Google Review

“Kyle is knowledgeable, professional, and fun, exactly what you’d want in a party host! He comes prepared with supplies and knowledge, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Dabcrate again!”


Experience Mindful Consumption.

Get your invite to upcoming events with our friendly budtender staff to educate guests at your event.