420 Wedding in MA

Offer guests mindful consumption at your cannabis wedding in Massachusetts.

Find 420 wedding venues in Boston with the perfect cannabis wedding planner from Dabcrate.

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420 Weddings

You know what wedding dresses you like, but what about the wedding venue? You have the wedding rings and the wedding registry, but how do pick a budtender for your wedding?

Adding cannabis to your wedding reception is the perfect way to offer your guests a completely new experience. Whether you’re hosting a dry wedding or featuring both bartenders & budtenders. However we serve your wedding guests cannabis, Dabcrate will create the perfect 420 wedding venue for everyone.

We work with the best wedding planners in Boston, MA to create a cannabis-infused event that you and your guests will never forget!

Cannabis Wedding Venues

The most important decision you will make is the wedding venue. Finding the perfect reception venue for your weed wedding can make or break your big day. Our wedding planners know the best wedding halls, the best 420 wedding packages, wedding flowers, and so much more! 

Cannabis Wedding Options

Delight your wedding guests with 420 friendly options during the reception in the wedding hall of your dreams. Find the best nearby venues to coordiante with the budtenders in your wedding package. Ever dream of a cannabis wedding cake? Let’s connect you with the bakeries that will make it happen!

Cannabis Reception

Price: Starts $200/hour*

Technology: 2 Consumption Stations of Your Choice!

Staff: 2 Budtenders

Flower Bar™

Price: Installation starts $2,000*

Technology: 4 Consumption Stations of Your Choice!

Staff: 4 Budtenders

SESH x Dabcrate

Price: Starts $400/hour*

Technology: 4 Consumption Stations of Your Choice!

Staff: 4 Budtenders

*Prices do not include cannabis. You are required to procure cannabis served at your wedding in compliace with MA State Laws. Read more: dabcrate.com/ma-state-laws

Infuse Your Wedding with Cannabis

Imagine sharing the first joint as a couple. We can make it happen at our 420 wedding venues and cannabis wedding packages in Massachusetts.

420 Wedding Registries

The budtenders at Dabcrate will educate and empower your guests to safely consume. We’ll make sure your cannabis wedding is perfect.

Plan Your 420 Wedding

The best cannabis wedding tricks. Are there cannabis wedding venues in Massachusetts? What’e the best 420 wedding package in Boston? Who’s the top cannabis wedding planner in MA?

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